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Frequently Asked Questions

Nervous about Needles?

At The Manchester Acupuncture Room we understand that acupuncture can sometimes be a daunting prospect for new clients. It is perfectly natural to feel a little anxious about needles if you are new to acupuncture so we have taken every measure to ensure you enjoy your acupuncture experience every time. Your acupuncturist will take the time to explain every detail of the treatment before you begin. This helps you to remain in control and ensures the treatment is conducted at your pace. You can also rest assured that acupuncture needles are much finer than needles used for injections and blood tests. When the needle is inserted you may feel a tingling sensation or mild dull ache. This is an indication that qi has been stimulated. Many people enjoy the experience and find acupuncture extremely relaxing.

How long is each appointment?

The needles are retained for approximately 20-30 minutes however we ask that you allow up 1 hour 30 minutes for your initial treatment and 1 hour for routine appointments. This ensures sufficient time to complete necessary diagnostic procedures and additional therapies if required.

How many sessions will I need?

The frequency and number of sessions depend on your individual condition. Normally treatment is given once or twice a week. Change is usually felt within five or six treatments, although occasionally just one or two treatments are sufficient. Many people choose to have regular acupuncture to maintain good health.

Is it safe?

Responses to treatment can sometimes include tiredness or mild dizziness, and very occasionally minor bruising may occur. However, all such reactions are short-lived.

Should my doctor know?

Acupuncture can be used safely and effectively alongside conventional medicine. If you have been prescribed medication we recommend you tell your doctor that you are planning to have  acupuncture. Do not stop taking your medication and inform your acupuncturist about any medication and supplements you are taking.

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