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Facial acupuncture is the natural answer to younger, healthier looking skin. It is often referred to as facial rejuvenation as skin appears fresh and radiant after treatment.

The needles used are much finer than regular acupuncture needles so whilst you may be aware of the needles being inserted it should not be painful. Most people find the treatments extremely relaxing and enjoy each session immensely.

Facial acupuncture improves general skin and muscle tone however it is can also be used to target specific problem areas such as:

  1. Bullet dark circles and puffiness around the eyes

  2. drooping eyelids

  3. crows feet

  4. Bullet wrinkles around the mouth

  5. Bullet double chin

  6. Bullet facial redness

  7. Bullet dry skin

  8. Bullet enlarged pores

  9. Bullet poor complexion

  10. Bullet sagging skin

Deluxe Facial Acupuncture

2 hour treatment begins with a luxurious deep tissue massage using  tailored essential oils  to promote circulation and invigorate the skin. This is then followed by the insertion of very needles into the face to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Needles are also inserted into various points on the body that are specifically chosen to suit your constitution. As a result, this treatment helps clients to feel good on both the inside and out.

Luxury Facial Acupuncture

If you prefer acupuncture treatment without the massage why not try our 1 hour luxury facial acupuncture treatment. This includes all the benefits of facial and body acupuncture in half the time so it’s good if you are in rush or just want a quick pick-me-up!!

Facial Acupuncture Pamper Parties

Why not try something different and throw an acupuncture facial party. Our therapist is available for small private parties for 3-6 people. Please contact the number below for more details.

Call: 07815 318 548  Email: info@manchesteracupunctureroom.co.uk